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常見見工問題 Questions frequently asked by employers  







個人資料 Personal particulars
What is your father's occupation?
Do you own your home?
Do you speak Mandarin?
Do you keep a personal budget?
Do you have any problems in paying debts?
Do you have any health problems?
Do you have a driver license?
How much time do you spend with your children a week?
What makes a happy family?
Who is the boss in your family?
What's your relationship with your family?
What do you think about life insurance policy? Do you have one?
When did you last have your body checked?
Are you living with your parents?
Is your spouse working?


學歷資格 Academic qualifications
How did you do at college?
How can your education help your career?
How did you finance your college education?
Which was your favorite subject?
What additional skills you think can help you improve your career?
Do you subscribe to any professional journals?
Do your academic results tell your ability? Why?
Which college did you attend?
Why did you choose that college?
Did you choose it on your own? Was your choice influenced by your father?
What was your major study?
Why did you choose it?
Now, do you think you made the right choice?
How do you learn the additional skills?
Name two things you learned in college that are useful for this job.


申請職位 About the position applied
How much do you know about our company?
How much do you know about the position?
Are you looking for temporary work or permanent work?
Would you be prepared to work overtime if required?
What are your special qualifications for this position?
What things of our company interest you?
When will you be available to work for us?
In your opinion, who are our competitors?
What do you think about the future development of our trade?
What do you think about the future development of our company?
Are you confident to handle this position?
May we contact your present employer?
Tell me, in one minute, why should I hire you?


工作經驗 Work experience
Did you like working with your last boss?
What areas of your last job you like most?
What areas of your last job you dislike?
What are your strong points?
What are your weak points?
Describe the best company that you have ever worked with.
What strengths do you think you can bring to this position?
How did you get your last job?
Why you left it?
What was the biggest frustration in your career?
What was the biggest failure in your career?
What was the biggest challenge in your last job?
Have you accomplished the best achievement in your career?
Who was your best supervisor ever in your career? Why?
Who is your referee? Why?
Explain a typical work day of your last job.
How would you rate me as an interviewer?


管理能力 Business management
How to communicate with your subordinates effectively?
How to communicate with your supervisors effectively?
What makes a good manager?
What do you consider as your strengths to be a manager?
What do your subordinates think are your strong points?
What do your subordinates think are  your weak points?
When to dismiss an incompetent subordinate? How?
When you have made a decision, do you stick to it?


個人性格 Personalities
Do you like working with facts and figures?
Do you like doing the same work again and again?
Do you like working with people?
Do you consider yourself aggressive?
Do you think you are a smart person?
How do your friend describe you?
How do you accomplish success?
What do you think about job security?
Which do you prefer: to work alone or to work as a member of a team?
If you could be someone, who would you like to be?
What is your opinion of success?
Can you work under pressure?


創新突破 Innovation and creativity
How do you make important decisions?
Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why?
Did you make your last job more effective? How?
What do you think about creativity?
What will you do when you are solving a very difficult problem?
What is the most interesting work you have ever done?


資訊科技 Information technology
Do you consider yourself computer literate?
How is information technology affecting our company?
Are you on-line? How much time a day do you spend on internet?
Were you required to use computer in your last job?
What computer software can you handle?
What do you say about junk e-mail or spamming or spying software?
What do you know about information technology?
Why do you think information technology important?


工作目標 Work goals
Do you want to run a business on your own?
Do you want to be the chief executive officer of our company?
Did your last job meet your long term career goal?
Have you thought about your future?
Can you imagine what will you do in our company five years later?
How long are you prepared to stay with us?
What is your long term career goal? 
When do you expect a promotion?


工餘活動 Free-time activities
Do you play mahjong?
Are you interested in sports?
Are you a social drinker?
Have you ever been the head of a committee?
What newspaper do you read? What section you read first?
What is your favorite TV program?
What are your hobbies?
What do you do during your leisure time?


要求待遇 Expected salary
How much is your expected salary?
What is your current salary?
What is the salary you think appropriate for someone with your qualifications?
We are going to offer you a monthly salary of $30,000. Will it meet your expectation?


Are there any housing benefits to employees?

Are there any medical benefits to employees?

Are you ready to hire me now?

Do you have any insurance programs for employees?

Does the company have a profit-sharing scheme?

Does the department work separately from other departments?

How long has the position been open?

How long will it take for me to know the result of my application?

How many employees are there in the department?

How many employees are there in the company?

How many employees have been in the position during the past three years?

How many employees have been promoted from the position in the past three years?

Is the position immediate available?

Is there any retirement benefit?

To whom does my boss report?

What do you expect the successful employee to accomplish?

What does the company consider the three most important duties of the position?

What is the management style of my boss?

What is the relationship between the department and the top management?

What is the sick leave policy?

What is the title of my boss?

What is the vacation benefit for the post?

What type of benefits are available to staff?

Why the former employees left the position?

Will the company expand in the near future?

Will the company pay for my moving expenses?


Raymond Yeung 教授英語: 獨門秘技包教曉

課程主要根據本人編寫的 實用英語 內容包括英語會話及英文寫作


全套課程(3堂6小時)費用共$1,500,首堂繳付,送學習秘笈 (筆記+CDR)。

時間: 雙方協議 (早上九時至下午九時) 星期一至日 包括公眾假期

地點: 旺角 MOKO SuperSandwiches / Pacific Coffee 或 雙方協定地點

報讀請致電 或 WhatsApp 94735846 或 電郵 yeungfhr@qq.com



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email: yeungfhr@qq.com

Tel /WhatsApp 94735846



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