Raymond Yeung Tax Consultant former Assessor of Inland Revenue Department 前稅局評稅主任楊輝洪

飛鴻稅務顧問  Qualifications   出版書目  

Tel /WhatsApp /WeChat 94735846  *email: yeungfhr@qq.com  

Service charge $500/hr *Hang Seng Bank Account: 385 599279 883 *Payment thru mobile phone: PayMe / FPS轉數快 Yeung Fai Hung *會面:上水廣場5樓太興餐廰  *報稅分析 *稅務咨詢 *記帳系統 *業務報稅 *稅務課程


楊輝洪 Raymond Yeung 香港 稅務局 從事稅 務工作十八,想幫助別人解決稅務問題,所以成立網站提供報稅貼士 Qualifications


如果你有薪俸利得稅、物業稅 、稅務調查的問題,歡迎咨詢  咨詢服務詳情


Welcome, my name is Raymond Fai Hung, YEUNG. I am a Hong Kong tax advisor. I want to help people solve  problems of Salaries Tax, Profits Tax, Property Tax and Tax Investigation. 


Being a tax professional, I pledge to give you my best advice on:

(a) how to reduce your tax lawfully

(b) how to answer queries from Revenue

(c) what are the tax implications of the transactions proposed

(d) what tax relief / allowance / deduction / rights are available  in the circumstances reported

(e) what obligations / requirements you must do in order to avoid penalties,

(f) what you should do and what you should not do when you are chased by IRD

(g) whether you should pursue your case and how



Apart from accounting service and tax consultancy, I would also like to serve you in the following areas:

(1) drafting Chinese and English letters

(2) translating English to Chinese or vice versa

(3) writing Chinese and English reports

(4) studying problems and suggesting solutions. 


Telephone enquiry: 94735846

Service fee: HK$500 per hour



前稅務局評稅主任 楊輝洪 現透過網站發佈稅務資料。資料基於本人在稅局的多年工作,源於稅局的內部資料,反映稅局主流做法,非坊間一般稅務顧問所能提供。欲資料,請按下列項目:


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楊輝洪 Raymond Yeung 為你提供:


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email: yeungfhr@qq.com

Tel /WhatsApp 94735846



My Performance Pledge QEEP

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Value for Money, for sure!

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香港稅務課程 Practical Taxation Course


Private tuition of Hong Kong Taxation of Law and Practice

$900 兩小時,單對單教授,:香港稅務知識加強版香港報稅軟體

報讀者可在一年內免費電話咨詢一次  詳情按此