Raymond Yeung Tax Consultant


前稅局評稅主任楊輝洪  Qualifications

former Assessor of Inland Revenue Department

Tel /WhatsApp /WeChat 94735846 

email: yeungfhr@qq.com






You may pay me by using telephone number 94735846 thru Faster Payment System 轉數快 or HSBC PayMe. 服務前, 請先轉帳,可用電話號碼94735846 透過 HSBC  PayMe 或 FPS 轉數快。另外,也可以銀行入帳: 恆生戶口 Hang Seng Bank Account 385 599279 883 Raymond Yeung Tax Consultant

會面: 上水廣場五樓太興餐廰



報稅分析Tax Analysis $1,000

為你分析報稅表、損益表內的各項收入及開支 和 資產負債表內 的各項資產及負債,以減低查稅風險。歡迎你來找我,我十分樂意為你服務。 一般收費: 一千元 。Raymond Yeung advises you to reduce the risk of tax investigation by analysis of various items reported in the Tax Return, various incomes and expenditures in the Income Statement and supporting schedules, and various assets and liabilities in the Balance Sheet. Usual fee for this service is $1,000.



稅務策劃 Tax Planning $2,000 

前評稅主任楊輝洪對你的稅務策劃,及有關事實及法律,作詳細分析和討論,並對你擬定的稅務計劃、及有關交易及安排,用前評稅主任的經驗及角度,解釋稅局的一般看法和做法,讓你合法地減低稅務負擔及受查風險。一般收費: 二千元 (包括閱讀有關計劃及涉及文件)。Raymond Yeung, former IRD assessor, advises you on tax planning by analysis of the relevant facts and law so as to reduce your tax burden legally. Usual fee for this service is $2,000.