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Better English Speaking: Health 



A fishbone stuck in my throat.

A small insect flew into my ear.

A spasm sometimes develops without reasons.

Are you allergic to any drugs?

Are you feeling better?

At first it went away. But it came back once every week.

Blood and pus discharge from the gums.

Can I take a bath?

Delusions haunt me (幻覺令我驚恐).

Do you feel chilly?

Do you feel nauseous (作嘔)?

Do you feel pain here?

Do you have a fever?

Do you have any allergies?

Do you have diarrhea (拉肚子)?

Do you have pain anywhere else?

Does it hurt all the time?

Does it hurt?

Don't worry about it.

Everything is disgustful.

Everything looks blurred.

Everything seems pointless and useless to me.

Far things are blurred.

Have you ever coughed up blood?

Have you passed blood in your urine?

He is still in a coma.

He seems to be colour-blind.

He vomited blood.

He's become squint-eyed (斜視).

How are you feeling today?

How are you today?

How are you?

How do you feel this morning?

How is your father?

How is your mother?

How long have you had this pain?

I always feel hungry.

I am a slight sleeper.

I am down with flu.

I am exhausted.

I am fit. I am fine. I am splendid. I am in excellent health. I am as usual.

I am frustrated.

I am going to check your blood pressure.

I am going to take an X ray.

I am going to take your temperature and pulse.

I am in no mood to do anything.

I am not feeling well.

I am out of breath when I walk a while.

I am susceptible to colds. I don't know what to do about it.

I belch (打嗝) a lot.

I bleed while I have a bowel movement.

I bring up phlegm ().

I broke my arm.

I broke my leg.

I can't bend my leg.

I can't do fine work.

I can't keep anything in my stomach.

I can't lift my arm.

I can't see things well when it gets dark.

I can't shake off the sleepiness.

I can't sleep at night.

I can't stop drinking.

I can't tell one colour from another.

I collapsed.

I cough and have sputum.

I cough up phlegm.

I cut my hand with a knife.

I don't feel well.

I faint easily.

I feel blocked up in the chest.

I feel bulged in the stomach.

I feel chilly.

I feel depressed.

I feel dismal (失落).

I feel dizzy.

I feel dizzy.

I feel faint.

I feel feverish.

I feel gloomy.

I feel hard to breathe.

I feel hazy and fuzzy (迷迷糊糊).

I feel hopeless.

I feel I am under a curse.

I feel impatient.

I feel irritated.

I feel languid (精神不振).

I feel like vomiting (作嘔).

I feel melancholic (憂鬱).

I feel nervous.

I feel pumped up in the lower abdomen.

I feel run-down.

I feel sad.

I feel scared.

I feel tired. I don't want to do anything.

I feel weak.

I find it difficult to make out the words.

I find myself in a cold world.

I had a sleepless night.

I have a bad cold.

I have a blister in my mouth.

I have a cavity in a tooth.

I have a chill.

I have a decayed tooth.

I have a dreadful feeling.

I have a dull pain in my right ear.

I have a gripping pain in the abdomen.

I have a hard stool.

I have a headache.

I have a headache.

I have a hoarse cough (喉嚨沙啞).

I have a loose tooth.

I have a lot of cold sweat and feel shaky.

I have a lot of saliva and feel very hot inside.

I have a mild cold.

I have a pain in my knees.

I have a pain in my lower abdomen.

I have a pain in my side.

I have a pain in the chest.

I have a prickling pain in my right eye.

I have a prickly feeling all over my body.

I have a puffy face.

I have a rash on my back.

I have a running nose.

I have a running nose.

I have a sever muscle pain.

I have a severe pain in my back.

I have a sharp pain in my stomach.

I have a soft stool.

I have a sore foot.

I have a sore throat.

I have a squeezing pain in the stomach.

I have a swollen foot.

I have a swollen tongue.

I have a temperature of 100 degrees.

I have a terrible headache.

I have a toothache.

I have a touch of flu.

I have a watery stool.

I have an abdominal pain.

I have an inflammation in my mouth and there are several round specks.

I have an uncomfortable feeling.

I have an uneasy feeling.

I have bad breath.

I have become a coward.

I have boils (膿包).

I have chapped skin.

I have convulsions (抽筋) while working.

I have discomfort in my upper abdomen.

I have dry coughs.

I have gas in my stomach.

I have hallucinations (幻覺).

I have heart trouble.

I have high blood pressure.

I have little appetite.

I have live trouble.

I have lost my energy.

I have lost my patience.

I have low blood pressure.

I have no appetite.

I have no confidence in myself.

I have pain around here.

I have piles (痔瘡).

I have pimples on my face.

I have rashes (疹子) all over my arms.

I have red specks on my face.

I have some kind of sore on both corners of my mouth.

I hiccup (打嗝).

I hope you will get over it.

I hope you will recover soon.

I lost weight suddenly.

I often have a desire to urinate.

I perspire heavily at night.

I scorched my hands in cooking.

I see bright specks in my eyes.

I see flickering things.

I seem to have astigmatism (散光).

I seem to urinate too much.

I sneeze a lot all day.

I sneeze repeatedly.

I sprained my ankle.

I suffer from asthma (氣喘).

I suffer from constipation (便秘).

I suffer from halitosis (口臭).

I suffer from indigestion.

I suffer from insomnia.

I think my wisdom tooth is cutting through. Will it be all right to keep it?

I throw up all I eat.

I twisted my ankle.

I twisted my left foot.

I vomited a moment a go.

I want to have a complete check-up.

I want to have false tooth put in.

I want to have my blood examined.

I want to have my temperature measured.

I want to have this cavity filled.

I want to have this tooth treated.

I want you to extract this tooth.

I worry about insignificant things.

I would like to have a pregnancy test.

I would like to have some contraceptive medicine (避孕藥).

I'd like to have my teeth cleaned.

I'll give you a shot.

I'm absent minded.

I'm afraid I have an ear infection.

I'm always under tension.

I'm always very particular about trifling things.

I'm feeling low.

I'm fretful (狂躁).

I'm having eye trouble.

I'm moody (情緒化).

I'm short of breath.

I'm tired of life.

I've become forgetful.

I've become impotent.

I've become quick tempered.

I've got a splinter in my finger.

I've got red rashes on the skin.

I've got stung by an insect.

I've had no bowel movement for two days.

I've torn off a finger nail.

If I cough, it hurts.

Is a recurrence likely?

Is it all right to drink?

Is the pain severe?

Is there any adverse reaction for the drug.

It burns (灼痛).

It feels as if food is stuck in my throat.

It hurts the most when I get up in the morning.

It is bleeding.

It is not contagious.

It is swollen and painful.

It stings (刺痛).

It throbs (陣痛).

It's difficult to urinate.

Kill the pain. Ease the pain. Stop the pain. Alleviate the pain, please.

Lie down over here.

My anus is itchy. I can't stand it.

My arms hurt so much that I can't reach my back.

My back itches.

My body aches.

My bones ache.

My bruise is still sore.

My cheeks are burning.

My cheeks burn.

My ear hurts terribly when I touch it.

My ear lobe is swollen.

My ears are ringing.

My ears have suddenly started to hum.

My eyes are gummed up.

My eyes are itching.

My eyes are red and painful.

My eyes are sore.

My eyes are unbearably itchy.

My eyes feel hot.

My eyes feel itchy.

My eyes feel tired.

My eyes hurt so much that I can't open them.

My eyes water.

My fingers feel numb.

My gums are swollen.

My gums bleed whenever I eat an apple.

My head feels heavy.

My joints ache.

My left ear tingles.

My limbs often get numb.

My lips are dry and rough.

My mouth is sticky.

My neck is so stiff that I can't move my head.

My nose bleeds.

My nose is running like water.

My nose is stopped up.

My nose is stopped up.

My nose is stuffy.

My nose throbs.

My son shows symptoms of chicken pox. He has little red spots over his body.

My stomach rumbles.

My stomach stings.

My stomach tingles.

My stool is black.

My teeth ache all day long.

My throat feels dried out.

My throat feels raw.

My throat hurts when I swallow.

My throat is swollen. I can't speak.

My vision is blurred.

My visual field has narrowed.

My voice gets hoarse.

Not only my nose runs, it also drains into my throat.

One of my molars is loose.

Pus () is coming out of her ears.

Since I was a child, I've been insecure, timid and introverted.

Take care of yourself.

Take this medicine before meal.

Take this medicine three times a day, after each meal.

Take two tablets every three hours.

The fever has gone.

The gums ache if I press them with my finger.

The image of something looks like a rainbow in my eyes.

The mucus in my nose is dried up. It forms dark yellow crusts.

The pain attacks me on and off.

The pain has disappeared.

The pain has gone away.

The pain is excruciating.

The pain tends to get worse at night.

The wound is inflamed.

There are spots in my vision.

There is a dull pain in the back of my eyes.

There is a terrible stiffness in my shoulders.

There is blood in the nasal discharge.

There is pus in the wound.

Things look distorted.

What about my diet?

What can I eat?

What's the matter with you?

When I blow up my nose, my ears squeak (吱吱聲).

When I close my eyes, I feel a biting pain in the eyelids.

When I cough, my throat burns.

When I cough, my throat burns.

When I got up this morning, I got a crick in my neck.

When I press the gums, they bleed.

When I urinate, it hurts terribly.

When it's rubbed, it hurts.

Where is the pain?

Will she have to be hospitalized?

You don't look very fit.

You'd better have a thorough check-up.

You'd better see a doctor.


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